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The Unfindable Inquiry

Are you tired of “the search?”

Have you noticed that your behavior seems to follow predictable patterns?

Have you noticed that you have been acting out patterns that one or both of your parents portrayed?

Have you noticed that you are constantly judging yourself and others?

Are you tired of the constant stream of mind-chatter that appears unbidden in your awareness?

Are you tired of trying to fix your “story?”

Has all your spiritual seeking gotten you exactly nowhere?

Does there appear to be something blocking your intuitive flow?

Are you still looking for the perfect relationship?

Do you feel, that at your very core, that something is wrong with you?

Are you haunted by memories of regrets and past mistakes?

Do you feel like you are not living your authentic life?

Do you feel like something is wrong, but you can’t quite put a finger on it?


What have you been searching for?

Happiness, peace, relaxation, contentment, money and love are some of the usual suspects. As long as you are searching  for something, you will suffer. It is the search itself that causes the suffering, because the search is based on a false belief you are holding about yourself.

The bottom line of this false belief is that you are a separate self, and are deficient in some way, Each of us has our own flavor to what might be called, “The Core Deficient Self.” This is what drives the search – that we need to look outside ourselves to fill this deficiency.

But it is the search itself that keeps us from realizing that in this present moment, right now, we are totally complete, and are in need of nothing. How can you be happy when you are constantly searching for happiness?

It is our deeply-held beliefs about ourselves, others, and the world that drive the search, and as long as the search continues, it will seem as if what we are looking for will never be found.

The Unfindable Inquiry, as created by Scott Kiloby, is designed to take a good look at what is actually going on in your present experience, and gives you the opportunity to notice that the person you have been believing yourself to be is in fact unfindable. When you truly look at your present experience, all you will ever find are words, images and body sensations/energies. During the UI, we can “unvelcro” these elements from each other, revealing the beliefs they comprise to be simply words, images and sensations, without any inherent meaning to them. In that way, they can simply pass through our awareness like leaves in the wind.

You see for yourself that you are certainly not who you thought you were, and that these beliefs you have been carrying around, that have been basically dictating how you live, are empty at their core.

The Living Inquiries begin and end from the place of natural rest, where you are simply noticing what is in the present moment, without trying to fix, change or alter anything. It is from this place, where everything is allowed to be exactly as it is, that you will explore your present awareness, and dismantle the erroneous beliefs that have been at the core of your search. These beliefs are then gently allowed to relax and quiet down, allowing you to flow through life freely and authentically.


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