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The Compulsion Inquiry

Would you like to be rid of your addictions to certain substances and/or behaviors, but seem unable to do so?

Do you find that thoughts and feelings of deficiency return again and again, no matter what activities or substances you use to cover them up?

Have you given up on finding a way out of the endless cycle of unpleasant thoughts and emotions, indulging in addictive behavior to dull the pain, only to see those thoughts and emotions return again and again?

Do you notice that willpower will only get you so far in freeing yourself from behaviors that you would like to quit?


comThe Compulsion Inquiry (CI) is not about helping you use willpower to overcome your addictions. It is about “pulling the rug out from under” any beliefs that support the addictive behavior. Willpower alone won’t often work, because the desire to indulge in the substance or behavior is still present. The CI allows you to see into the very heart of what drives the addictive behavior, which could be another deficiency story.

Very often, the desire for the addictive substance or behavior is preceded by a “ghost image,” a fleeting image that often escapes our notice. This image, when allowed to surface and be examined through the CI, may appear to be just an image, with no actual command, urge or need attached to it. By noticing the words, images and sensations/energies that arise in association with the desire to indulge in the substance or behavior, we can “unvelcro” these elements from one another, revealing them all to be simply what they are. When we notice that these words, images and sensations do not carry a command with them, they are then rendered powerless.

Further, by doing the CI with a trained facilitator, you may feel confident enough to do the inquiry by yourself if and when the desires rise again.

The CI has often been effectively used in a package of several sessions, usually done as close together in time as possible.

In certain instances with addictive substances, I may not be able to facilitate you. In such instances I will refer you to The Kiloby Center For Recovery. Together, you and the Center can make a determination if The Living Inquiries are an appropriate treatment method for you.



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