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The Anxiety Inquiry

Have you been allowing fear to stop you from pursuing your passion?

Have you noticed anxiety being a constant companion in your life?

Do you notice that there are certain people and situations you are avoiding, without knowing why?

Are you afraid to follow your intuition for fear of…something?

Do you feel helpless in the face of world events?

Are you afraid of being vulnerable?

Does it seem totally necessary for you to avoid feeling certain feelings?


anxIf the answer to any of these questions is, “Yes,” then you might truly appreciate  The Anxiety Inquiry (AI). This Inquiry deactivates the energy behind fear, anxiety, phobias, and even post traumatic stress disorders. It is this energy that has us basically dancing to its tune, avoiding certain situations and people that might potentially bring us closer to the very emotions we have been avoiding for so long. Anger, resistance, frustration, and resentment are often signs of an underlying belief that we need either to run, resist, or fight back in light of certain situations or people. Sometimes we just freeze, go numb or implode.

When we inquire into your present experience using the AI, we look for the perceived threat in the same way we look for a core deficient self in the UI. All we ever find are words, pictures and body sensations/energies – the actual threat is nowhere to be found. This allows the energy of anxiety to gradually relax, allowing us to live more authentically.



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