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The Living Inquiries

The Unfindable Inquiry, as created by Scott Kiloby, is designed to take a good look at what is actually going on in your present experience, and gives you the opportunity to notice that the person you have been believing yourself to be is in fact unfindable. When you truly look at your present experience, all you will ever find are words, images and body sensations/energies. During the UI, we can “unvelcro” these elements from each other, revealing the beliefs they comprise to be simply words, images and sensations, without any inherent meaning to them. In that way, they can simply pass through our awareness like leaves in the wind.

This Inquiry deactivates the energy behind fear, anxiety, phobias, and even post traumatic stress disorders. It is this energy that has us basically dancing to its tune, avoiding certain situations and people that might potentially bring us closer to the very emotions we have been avoiding for so long. Anger, resistance, frustration, and resentment are often signs of an underlying belief that we need either to run, resist, or fight back in light of certain situations or people, or else we can just freeze or go numb.

The Compulsion Inquiry (CI) is not about helping you use willpower to overcome your addictions. It is about “pulling the rug out from under” any beliefs that support the addictive behavior. Will power alone won’t often work, because the desire to indulge in the substance or behavior is till present. The CI allows you to see into the very heart of what drives the addictive behavior, which could be another deficiency story.

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