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Kind.  Sweet.  Gentle.  Present.  Open.  Trustworthy.  These are just a few of the qualities at the heart of Paul’s nature, and they shine through in his facilitation, like a soft, gentle breeze that flows through your very being.  When working with him, you will find yourself relaxing and opening, willing to face anything that happens, coming out the other side having been fully supported by his presence and skill.  What a treat to be facilitated by Paul.

~ Julianne Eanniello


The Living Inquiries are an amazing tool to see through the beliefs that create our suffering, seeking and addictions.  Paul provides a gentle, compassionate and nonjudgmental space for this exploration and I have thoroughly enjoyed our sessions.

~ Julie Klopp


Paul is a loving and kind human being. He is trustworthy and sincere, and I recommend him as a facilitator of The Living Inquiries. I have no doubt you will be touched by his willingness to meet you with warmth and compassion wherever your inquiry session takes you. He is someone who walks his talk, does his own inquiry, and draws from his own sweet humanity to be with you.

~ Deena Wade


I have been facilitated by Paul Galewitz many many times. This guy is the real deal. He knows how to hold the space for whatever I have ever brought to inquiry. He is skilled, intuitive and comfortable with himself. I feel free to simply be myself with him, unreserved. I highly recommend him as a facilitator.

~ Grant Tyler

The Living Inquiries have been very powerful for me, and have provided the final “piece of the puzzle,” in terms of being able to determine for myself, in very short order, what exactly is TRUE, in any given moment, and what is NOT true. I have been facilitated by Paul many times, and his generous and patient presence have been so important to the process of taking apart the various stories I have been telling myself, to my detriment, for years. Paul has the ability to listen deeply, and his questions have often led me deeper into an inquiry than I would have thought possible. I highly recommend him as a Facilitator. He does the Kiloby community proud!

~ Helen Luce

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