The search outside ourselves has inevitably led us back to the one place we have never left - this one, infinite space of present awareness.
~ Paul Galewitz

Entering the Gateway

I’ve never met one person who kept seeking enlightenment once they started to feel emotions directly. The whole idea of chasing some later state makes no sense at that point, since it was largely based on avoiding uncomfortable feelings and sensations in the first place.

~ Scott Kiloby, Creator of The Living Inquiries


The dictionary definition of “gateway” is, “a means of access or entry to a place.” What place is it that we are accessing with The Living Inquiries? It turns out that it is the one place we have been avoiding and evading, seemingly forever – our present awareness. Ironically, it is the one place we have never left.

How many different ways have we utilized to distract us from whatever is going on inside of us? Even those of us who have been sincere spiritual seekers have constantly looked outside of ourselves for our answers – to teachers, gurus, meditation techniques, diets, books, relationships, etc. Some of us have even turned to various substances for our happiness, or to numb the pain of never finding what we have been seeking for, not realizing that all the answers reside within the infinite expanse of our own presence.

Truly, this vast treasure of wisdom and peace has always been there, always accessible. The search outside ourselves has inevitably led us back to the one place we have never left, our own inner, infinite awareness.

Trauma, shame, and core deficiency stories are the main drivers of our addictive patterns. Whether we have turned to substances or subconscious patterns of behavior, those three drivers have been at the heart of our avoiding facing whatever is coming up for us in any given moment. The Living Inquiries provide a gentle, direct and effective way to finally face these drivers and unravel from the patterns that avoiding them have created. (The fourth driver, the desire of others for us to change our addictive behaviors, is often a playing out of other people’s desire not to face what would come up for them if your patterns continue.)

I invite you to enter this gateway to authenticity, and to experience the infinite expanse of truth that lies within. It would be my honor to accompany you on this safe, profound and beautiful exploration.
Whatever it is that has led you to The Living Inquiries and this website, know that if you are willing to finally give up the search; to encounter that sweet resting place inside of you; and to actually explore the present moment from that place of rest, you can experience a fresh authenticity in your life, as the layers of what we have believed about ourselves are revealed to be empty at their core.



inquiry-unfindable2The Unfindable Inquiry, is designed to take a good look at what is actually going on in your present experience, and gives you the opportunity to notice that the person you have been believing yourself to be is in fact unfindable. When you truly look at your present experience, all you will ever find are words, images and body sensations/energies. During the UI, we can “unvelcro” these elements from each other.

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inquiry-anxiety2This Inquiry deactivates the energy behind fear, anxiety, phobias, and even post traumatic stress disorders. It is this energy that has us basically dancing to its tune, avoiding certain situations and people that might potentially bring us closer to the very emotions we have been avoiding for so long. Anger, resistance, frustration, and resentment are often signs of an underlying belief that we need either to run, resist, or fight back in light of certain situations or people, or else we can just freeze or go numb.

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inquiry-compulsion2The Compulsion Inquiry (CI) is not about helping you use willpower to overcome your addictions. It is about “pulling the rug out from under” any beliefs that support the addictive behavior. Will power alone won’t often work, because the desire to indulge in the substance or behavior is still present. The CI allows you to see into the very heart of what drives the addictive behavior, which could be another deficiency story.

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When I require attention, praise, acknowledgment, or when I people-please, I am effectively saying, “I am not enough.” When I see that this “I” is merely an appearance, and empty of any separate nature, that’s fulfillment, instantly.

~ Scott Kiloby